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BIONICLE: Time Trap is a film based on the book BIONICLE Adventures #10: Time Trap, in which Vakama must fight against insanity to recover the Mask of Time and stop Makuta from following the Matoran and the other Toa.

Unknown to him, the Dark Hunters have travelled to Metru Nui to claim both the Vahi and Vakama's life.

Script Edit

The script for Time Trap is in the process of being written and edited; it will be posted here immediately upon it's completion.

Characters Edit

  • Vakama
  • Makuta
  • The Shadowed One
  • Sentrahk
  • Keetongu
  • Lariska
  • Nuhrii
  • Vohon
  • Aodhan

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Time Trap

Created by Toa Jampot