Welcome to Bionicle: Next Generation

Bionicle: Next Generation was a project started by BZPower member Toa Jampot. He suggested that the BZPower community should come together and create the whole Bionicle saga in movies. And so the project began. The topic on BZPower received over 300 posts a day. The topic was closed three days later, which allowed the different groups of the project to begin work.

Now we have tons of people working on this project from as young as 10, which is now lead by the users Toa Jampot, LewatheChickenNuggets, and Lewa Krom. Please consider signing up to work on this project where help is needed, as it would be greatly appreciated.

Since then staff of BNG has moved out of BZPower and into our own forum, on this site:

Production has doubled and our member count is over 360 and rising.

News/Status of the ProjectEdit


The Mata (And The Empire Mata) are confirmed to have a classic Mata Hand found on the original sets as opposed to the fingered hand, respectively.

The Vahki is complete and the Ta-Metru Street is almost 100% done. The Rahkshi is close to complete as well.

Renddslow (Lead Animator) and Toa Pheonix (Lead Canon Corrospondent) have finished a teaser trailer for Bionicle: The Empire, which you can find on its page.

Jake-Toa Of Awsome (Modeler) has completed the Kraata of most types.

Voice Acting-

Auditions for Mavrah, Nuparu, and Onepu are closed. Ultra Hamster (Concept Artist/Admin) judging.


Concept themes are ready for Bionicle: The Empire.

Nusua (Lead of Music Dept./Admin) has recently prepped the composers to accept assignments as scenes are completed.


UH's Concept Art

Concept Art-

Buildings of Metru Nui and storyboards completed.

Ultra Hamster posted concept art of Makuta's lair. (As appearing in The Empire)

Ultra Hamster created a blueprint of Makuta's lair as well. (As appearing in The Empire)


Script for The Empire updated.

Krayce (Lead of Sound FX Division) and Legolover-361 (Concept Artist/Composer) have been chosen to write the script of 4 episodes of Season One of Biological Chronicle (2001).

-2 and 3 to be done by Legolover-361.

-4 and 5 to be done by Krayce.

All the writers of Biological Chronicle include,

Legolover-361, Krayce, Jampot (Co-Founder/Director/Admin), TAK the Voyager (Script Writer), LewatheChickenNuggets (Head Concept Artist/Admin), and MIY (Script Writer).


Editors prepping for adding sound effects to scenes of The Empire as they are completed.

Cherixon (Leader of Editing Division/ Admin) working on building a webpage for fans to utilize.

Game Dept.-

Ga-Koro updated into system.

Programming moving at a good steady rate.

General News-

A flood of new members have joined the site but most have no intent of working. Problem solved by Lunekk (Concept Artist/Admin) blinding 'grey' members from the main forums.

Latest activityEdit