Detailing the final skirmish between the Toa Nuva and the forces of Makuta, this film will be a remake of the 2003 film Mask of Light which was produced by Creative Capers Entertainment for The Lego Group. A title has not yet been selected for the film.
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These are the scenes that the writer(s) have begun writing or finished writing. The degree of completion for each scene is noted below.

Scene 1 The Mask of Light

(Scene 2 is being edited)

(Scene 3 is being edited)

Scene 4 The Destruction of Ta-Koro

Scene 5 A Little Help from a Friend

Scene 6 Fight in Po-Wahi

Scene 7 Ko-Koro

Scene 8 Ambushed

Scene 9 Caved In

Differences from the OriginalEdit

-Different Dialogue.

-Some changes to scenes.

-Better battle scenes.

-Scenes from the comics.


Tahu: ElevenGuy

Takua/Takanuva: SkullKid is on Hiatus

Kopaka : Krakuaofsonics

Onua: Repicheep - Toa of Irony

Teridax: Krakuaofsonics

Gali: Isabella Dona. Tiara Kaire

Lewa: hraul12193

Rahkshi Sounds: jake-toa-of-awsome/Hunter of the Hunters

Jaller: SkullKid

Turaga Vakama: Krakuaofsonics

Rahi Noises: Ultra Hamster/Jake-Toa of Awesome